Top Feng Shui Tips to Help Sell Your Home


Top Feng Shui Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which uses energy to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.  Feng Shui is about organization and creating a space where energy can flow freely. This principle goes hand in hand with getting your home ready for the market. Below are a few tips which will help you in your efforts to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Clutter slows down energy. This can physically weaken a potential buyer. If the buyer feels weakened, they will perceive the home as not supportive and may tend to walk away. Create a home that feels spacious; the more space you create in your home, the more options you will have with buyers. Clear your clutter to make way for new opportunities.

Curb Appeal
Stand across the road from your home and look at your property. What stands out? What needs fixing? What needs tidying up? Make sure your landscape is attractive, include plants, shrubs, and trees. Invest in attractive outdoor furniture. Oil squeaky hinges and make sure doors and gates open fully and easily. Trash cans and bins should be as unobtrusive as possible. If it’s a family home, put a few toys out on the lawn, so potential buyers can “feel” like it’s a home for their children.

Front Entrance
Abundance, blessings, opportunities, and good fortune enter through the front door. It’s also the first impression buyers have of how well the sellers have taken care of the rest of the property. Make sure the front entrance, stairs, porch, and walkways leading to the front door are swept clean and are pleasant looking.  All outdoor lights need to be working and hung properly. Make sure your front door is clean of clutter and cobwebs, and the windows shine like glass.

Create a Welcoming Entrance
Potential buyers are filled with anticipation when they step through the front door, so make sure the door opens fully and is unincumbered with items such as coats, shoes, schoolbags, boxes, etc. Inspire a bright and airy sensation with natural or artificial light. Make sure banisters are secure and the carpets are clean and secured properly. Fresh cut flowers or an uprising plant can improve the ambiance by adding uplifting energy.

Flow of Furniture
Keep it simple, less is more. Encourage the flow of energy through the entire house rather than impeding it with overcrowded furniture. Personal items, like family pictures, should be removed. The goal is to make your home into a blank canvas for its future owners to envision as a place for creating their own lives.

Fix It
Make the necessary repairs.  This will reduce complaints from potential buyers. Replace torn screens, make sure all the door locks and remotes to the garage work, replace washers on faucets where water flow is blocked, repair windows that don’t open and close easily, and oil squeaky doors and cabinets.

Be Ready to Move
The final yet important Feng Shui real estate tip for house sellers is to prepare for your move. If you have ambivalence in selling your home, most likely buyers will stay away. The more eager you want to move forward into the next chapter of your life, the higher potential you have for selling it fast.

Article by Laura Maher, Realtor® 415.637.2935